Topless woman killed after smashing head on lamp post after hanging out of moving car (Video)


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Identified as a Russian mother of one, the 35-year-old was vacationing in the Dominic Republic. She was reportedly in the car with her friend, and was having fun, dangerously hanging her topless upper torso out of the moving car’s window, when her head suddenly smashed into a lamp post.In what is a sad, but definitely
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Suistudio, a clothing company launched an advertisement campaign with the hashtag #NotDressingMen that shows women in pantsuits while naked men as props in the background. But is reverse sexism the ‘answer’ to years of ‘objectification of women’ in popular media?From time immemorial, we have seen pop culture, many advertisements and movies depicting women as objects
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Have you ever wondered how a human brain — comprising of the brainstem, cerebellum, and cerebrum — actually looks like? Recently, a video uploaded Medical Videos shows a freshly removed human brain, lathered in blood.The efficiency of a human body is simply fascinating. If you take the time to notice, the sychronisation of different organs
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These shocking images reveal the moment a man and child clad in Halloween costumes burgled a town centre snooker hall. The masked raiders took an expensive state-of-the-art mobile phone from the Folkestone Snooker Club at The Lanterns in Rendezvous Street yesterday at 6.15pm. The video shows the man, dressed in what appears to be a
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Woman Leaves Her CHEATING HUSBAND And Sister In Car Park After Catchig Them Video

Video Man caught on camera having sex with a car exhaust

This is the shocking moment a distracted mother’s pushchair was completely destroyed by a speeding freight train. Footage of the runaway pram at Nuneaton station shows the mother take her attention away from the buggy for a split second – as it then rolls into the path of the train, is flung across the platform
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According to a report by Business Insider, the robot uprising is coming – and it’s starting with Pizza. Founded in 2015 by Julia Collins and Alex Garden, Zume Pizza uses robotics and artificial intelligence to turn out pizza faster than the competition. Machines press mounds of dough, squirt and spread sauce, and lift pizzas in
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How awesome is this. HA! Everyone is so into it. Can it happen at PHL sometime soon? ps – we’ll forgive him for wearing a Washington Redskins t-shirt. Ha! VIDEO

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