Charles Manson’s latest telephone conversation: The most famous serial killer before the death uttered an eerie message

Two days before he died, Charles Manson talked to one of his fans on the phone.

Ben Gretzky was in contact with the convict for nearly 23 years.

Manson called him from the hospital. Gretzky says he felt that he would die.

He spoke incoherently, with scary metaphors, and this was told by telephone.

– I have not yet found the voice in my dream .. Who is, what is it, why is it? We can justify ourselves for our dreams if we are in a place where we can not change … I get up, there will be a team of people around me, a beast, a priest, midnight … Nothing with everyone is all over and it’s back and nowhere and nothing … Nothing you know is not for ever, you could or could be … Love for all.

Here the police officer interrupted them. Gretzky did not normally understand Manson’s words, but thought he was carrying a hidden message.

He also said that Manson was not afraid of death, and that he believed that he would reincarnate and return to the country in a body of raven and scorpion.

Otherwise, one of the most notorious criminals in the world, Charles Manson, died today at a Corcoran hospital in California at the age of 83.

Manson was sentenced to life in prison for the dreadful massacre of his followers in 1969 at the house of director Roman Polanski.

As an unsuccessful musician with a long criminal record from young years, Manson formed a satanic cult in California. Angry by music producer Terry Melcher, who refused to publish an album with his songs, Manson organized his gang to attack his house.

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Manson and his four accomplices did not know that the house had been leased to director Polanski in the meantime.

During the attack, Polanski’s pregnant wife, actress Sharon Tate and a group of her friends were in the house. Manson’s group for a long time abused Tayt and her guests, finally killing them, and with their blood to write messages on the walls of the house.

Charles Manson shocked the American public and his behavior during the trial, during which he laughed at the victims and tattooed a swastika cross on his forehead.

Apart from the massacre at Polanski’s house, Manson was convicted of several more murders, and his group planned to kill President Gerald Ford. In all cases, Manson gave orders, but he himself did not participate in the killing.

He was kept permanently in prison from 1971, and since 1989 in solitary confinement, with prison authorities refusing 12 pardon requests.

In prison, Manson survived an attempted murder by a prisoner, and tried to marry, but gave up the plan allegedly because the fiancée wanted to use his body as a tourist attraction after death.
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