Former Marine Stands Guard Over Dead Man’s Casket To Make Good On 50-Year-Old Promise

On New Year’s Eve in 1968, two Marines made a promise to one another.Master Sgt. William H. Cox and First Sgt. James “Hollie” Hollingsworth were holed up in a bunker. The two men, who were essentially strangers when they locked eyes in the bunker, were in the thick of the Vietnam War.
As rockets and shrapnel were raining down from the skies, the brothers-in-arms made a pact right then and there.
“If we survive this attack — or Vietnam — we’ll contact each other every year, on New Year’s.”
The sentiment was a simple one, but the circumstances were more extreme than most can even imagine.
Both men ended up surviving the attack and made it safely home from war. And for the next five decades, they made good on their promise. William and James spoke every single New Year’sThen one year, Hollingsworth had become terminally ill. And that’s when Cox made one more promise to his dear friend.
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