Claims That Jesus Appears In Iraq (Caught On Camera)

The video you’re about to see is one that claims Jesus appeared and we can’t help but remember this one verse in the Bible which talks about Jesus appearing.

The video is a bit blurry which makes it hard to truly tell what’s going on but it appears all this was captured on a mobile phone from someone in Iraq. It very quickly goes into showing a super bright light that hovers between the trees and swoops around. People on the ground began screaming in what appears to be slang Arabic, saying… Was that Jesus?

Could this bright light be Jesus Christ appearing in Iraq? Maybe, maybe not. The buzz from everyone in the video on however is that Jesus Christ has come down to Earth disguised as a bright light from the sky. Would you say it appeared these people loved seeing Jesus in person? They kind of sounded excited. Which if it was Jesus there’s a bible verse that’s perfect for this situation.

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