A 59-Years-Old Chimpanzee Asked for Abandonment to die Alone refusing to Eat Anything, But watch when she felt the smell of her old friend

A 59-years-old chimpanzee named MAMA residing in the Royal Burger’s Zoo in Arnhem, Netherland anguished her fans and zoo staff by refusing to eat anything at all and demanding solitude to die at peace without confronting anyone. To see the most cheerful and famous creature of the zoo losing hope like this was saddening, as the fans reported.

Mama was born in 1957 in the wild but was taken to her new home from Germany to Netherlands in 1971 where she resided since then entertaining hundreds of thousands of people and maintaining a happy chimp community inside the zoo.

Caretakers and zoologists of the zoo narrate that she was always full of tricks, mischiefs, and intellect dominating all other chimps in the community. She was loved immensely by the visitors and had a lovingly pleasant reputation in the area. People used to book their tickets just to interact with Mama who had the most humane reception-antiquates. She was the most popular chimp zoo ever had in ages but her last moments were not that pleasant.

At the end, she realized the counted days of her life and refused to eat and drink merging in the thoughts of her past, perhaps. She was not dead yet as if waiting for someone to approach and bid the finest farewell to such an aged ape.

Luckily, Professor Jan Van Hoff realized her condition and came over to see her. He was one of the men who knew Mama from her oldest days since 1972 and shared a great bonding with her.

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He finally visited the chimp but she found it hard to recognize him right away due to her fragile senses and decaying body. But when you love someone for so long, even your lost memory struggle to bring the torn pieces together.

The moment Professor started talking to her gently in special tone stroking her shoulder asking her to eat something in an old familiar way, she realized she knew him.

She apparently recognized his scent and sound she once knew years ago and turned around to see him. It seemed like she got her flashbacks of her lost friendship from her memory when she posed a smile to him.

She lifted her arm to embrace her friend and the video made the mass internet users cry. That was an emotional moment as the witness report.

Mama didn’t take much time after meeting her friend Van Hoff and died on April 2016.

The zoo grieved at its great loss of the leader of the chimp family as she was the oldest and precious chimp in the captivity of the Netherlands.

“Mama was the GRAND LADY of the chimpanzee colony as she had an exceptionally strong and dominant personality so that no man who wanted to come to power could do so around her,” says Frans de Waal, the behavioral scientists.

De Waal continued saying: “She also brought consolation when there were tensions and mediated conflicts. She will be sorely missed.”


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