Can you solve this Riddle? Try it But Remember Most of the Netizens have already Failed it

Sometimes simple problems are the most difficult ones and vice versa but our brains let us down at the very unlikely moments. Same is the case with this riddle that has challenged people but most of them have failed to see what’s wrong with the orderGive it a try.

This riddle might give you an ultimate headache because that’s what just happened to me. Being good at math won’t help you here, pardon. If you think you’ve seen it all, think again.

The problem in here is a bit tricky that has landed a lot of netizens into failure. The trick is not apparent at first look or even at second. You can try to cross match digits, add them, multiply them or divide them to find the flaw but that’s what not it is about.

I literally laughed at myself after knowing the truth. But before revealing the answer, I want you to give it a try and let me know did you do it right or failed and laughed later like me?

Are you done?

Well, read everything in the picture word by word and letter by letter again. of number from 1-9. Can you spot anything unusual? Can you solve it?

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