Vegan Group Threatens Primitive Skills Teacher Over “Humane Slaughter” Class

Being in the Permaculture movement, and trying to learn and apply sustainable theories in our every day life, trying to raise our animals in the best humane condition, for them to have the best life possible, growing our own food and learning always new skills that will allow us to have a better life, richer in experience and aware of where our food comes from, and how to live with less; it is hard to stumble upon articles that make your blood boil. This following article is one of those, where self-righteous humans, through intimidation and bullying make something ugly over something that could have been a wonderful and enriching experience, yes ending a life for food is hard, I have done it myself and there is nothing pleasant about it, but if we are making the choice to eat meat, we must know what it takes to do so, you will never take life for granted again, and a sense of respect for that animal will overwhelm you.
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