‘What does the word terminal mean?’: Heartbreaking question boy, 11, asked his mother as they BOTH fight incurable cancer

A mother diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor has revealed the heartbreaking moment her son was told he had cancer and asked: ‘What does terminal mean?’
Jacqueline Rowley’s son Cameron was 11 years old when the family was told that he had just two weeks to live.
The youngster asked his mother what the word ‘terminal’ meant, forcing her to explain to him that he was going to die.It was only six years before that Jacqueline’s brain tumor was detected by doctors in the right frontal lobe of her brain.After five operations – and a tragic set back when Jacqueline contracted meningitis – doctors were unable to remove all of the tumor.Despite this, Jacqueline returned home and, for the next three years, continued to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy and look after her children.
But, when Cameron was eight years old, he began to complain of feeling unwell.
Jacqueline, 32, from Ellesmere Port, Liverpool, said: ‘He started to say that he had no friends and no-one liked him.


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