Cop And 2-Year-Old Are Unlikely Best Friends, But The Story Behind Their Friendship Will Touch Your Heart.(Video)

police officer in Rowelett, TX saved this little girl’s life, that was one year ago when Bexley Norvell was choking on a penny and had stopped breathing. Her mother called 911, and officer Patrick Ray responded just in time.

In an interview with CBS Local Ray said he was only doing his job, and that he feels lucky to have been the one to help: “What makes it special is, from here on out, I get to see her grow up!”

Tammy Norvell said x-rays from the hospital showed that her daughter had somehow swallowed a small coin. Now, one year later, Ray is getting to do just that, at a tea party hosted by Bexley’s mom, Tammy.
“I won’t ever forget this man and I told his wife, you know I’m going to think of your husband every single day for the rest of my life and I hope she’s okay with that,” said Tammy Norvell.

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