How to Build a 12×20 Cabin on a Budget

Most people dream of having their own home. But before engaging in building your own home, you need to plan it first. Planning entails, determining your true needs. When we are able to understand or needs, we can then determine the function as well as the form of our house. Second, you need to select a site. Whether you already have a site of your own, make sure that this site is suitable to the plan you have in mind.

Determine the major features of your home. If you are planning to build it on your own, then you need to draw up or may purchase plans. Next step is to create a budget. Some might be tight on budget while some are in a good budget. The first thing you will consider before building up a home is that, are you struggling financially? If your answer is yes, but you have a lot of your own; you can build a very simple structure. This 12×10 cabin was built in the article featured for about $2200.00

One way to save on materials is to search for materials that can be re-used via the internet such as craigslist.

Having your own cabin can be rewarding, especially if you build it yourself and stay within budget. Since you will be building it yourself, be sure to exercise safety too. Small things are important, such as using work gloves, and safety glasses when necessary. Be cautious using the power tools as if you are out there on your own, you don’t want to have a mishap. Get in the habit of telling someone you are ‘on the job’ if doing parts that require you being up a ladder, or if you can, have a helper come along for parts that would go safer with 2 people.
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