This Surreal Snow House Comes With Glass Walls And Furniture

How would you like to live in a house that looks like it is made purely out of ice cubes, and looks like something straight off the set of Frozen? This tiny house creates an awesome optical effect that makes it blend in perfectly with its icy backdrop and that earned it the title of snow house. In fact, this house is actually made out of blue-tinted glass that gives you the impression that you are looking at a transparent tiny house made painstakingly from transparent pieces of ice and allows you a window into the three storey building. Not only the whole house but every single piece of furniture, including a bed and chair, is all made out of the same type of glass. This makes it even more unbelievable and astonishing that such an awesome tiny house exists not only on its own but as part of a broader collection appropriately titled ‘Simplicity’ as the overall design is quite simple yet still very gorgeous.
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