Petite Retreats’ Tiny Getaways & Road Trip

With the tiny house movement off the ground and running, there are more tiny houses popping up all over the world. For tiny house enthusiasts, it’s a great time to be alive because not only are there so many tiny house designs to see online and on tiny house building shows, but there are also so many tiny house accommodations you can stay in. If you own a tiny house of your own, you know how wonderful they can be. You probably chose to live in your tiny house because you wanted to downsize and live large, travelling and living your passions. Or, maybe you just wanted to save some money up to buy a larger home or a piece of land or to pay your debt off and have a fresh slate again. Whatever the reason, people who gravitate toward small house living all usually have one thing in common, they don’t miss their old lives as much as they maybe thought they would. If you’re not living in your own tiny house, but you’ve been thinking about building one of your own, you might benefit from spending the night in a few different ones, and Petite Retreats offers a way for people to do just that. They not only have tiny houses for rent but also cool yurts, tipis, cabins and even covered wagons if you want a really old school tiny house experience.

Petite Retreats is a Chicago-based company that lists tiny house getaways around the US for people who want to travel tiny. The website has separate listings under each category for tiny houses on wheels, yurts, cabins, tipis and wagons. You can see where each of the tiny houses are located and decide which one will suit your trip plans the best. For example, under the tiny houses category there are a few different options including tiny house rentals at the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village in Welches, Oregon, the Verde Valley RV Resort in Cottonwood, Arizona, the Leavenworth Tiny House Village in Leavenworth, Washington and the Tuxbury Tiny House Village in South Hampton, New Hampshire. All of the listings at these resorts or villages will mainly be tiny houses on wheels so they would be perfect for people who want to try out staying in a tiny house before they embark on small house living themselves. This way you get to check out different tiny house design options and see what you like the best. The price is $135 per night to stay in these homes, and they can sometimes fit up to 5 people in them.


The tipi and covered wagon options are in southern California, which would be quite an experience and they range from $52 to $69 per night. There are also cabins near Seaside, Oregon and the yurts in campgrounds in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Washington. The yurts also cost around $60 per night to rent. Henry and Clara from Petite Retreats are taking a tiny house on a road trip all throughout the US. The road trip is sponsored by Ford and started out in New York at the Auto Show. You can follow the tour on Instagram, and if you see them, you can post photos using #TinyHouseRoadTrip. Maybe if you build your own tiny house on wheels, you too can enjoy a cross-country tour in your home. Check out all of the different accommodations and tiny house designs on the Petit Retreats website and get inspired to create your own custom road trip across the US. You’ll be sure to meet some great people along the way as well.***


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