The Log Cabin Meets Tiny Home Formula

We all dream of having more money to do the things we love, unfortunately thats not always possible given the high cost of living, and our big mortgage payments. The article “How A Log Cabin Home Can Increase Your Savings Account,” is a great read, and something to consider when you’re thinking about your future goals.

For starters an excellent way to save money is by joining in, and living in a tiny home. The website where you’ll find this article can help you do that, but they can also help build larger log home builds over 4500 square feet. Some of the great topics you’ll find on this website include: a blog, about us (our team, news and events, testimonials, frequently asked questions, how we build, fibre and materials, sustainability), galleries (log homes, log post and beam homes, interiors, featured projects, resorts and chalets, garages, barns, homes under construction, carvings and videos), floor plans from under 1500 square feet to over 4500 square feet.

Log cabin tiny homes are a great way to jump start your savings, some reasons for this include: most people in tiny homes fully own them, by living in a small home you will have less credit card debt and more money in savings, not burdened by expensive mortgage payments, reduced monthly expenses, lower energy bills and maintenance, log cabins are a great way to build your dream home, that doesn’t cost a small fortune. By living in a smaller space, you life can become larger, with more money to spend on travel and less worrying about paying the bills. You might also live in a small house on a piece of property, rather than living in a large space in the city on a smaller piece of land, there are different trade offs to consider, to increase your quality of living.

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