Little Elli’s Incredible Smile Hours After Heart Surgery Despite Stitches Across His Tiny Chest

Little Ellis arrived six weeks early, and there were signs that he was beginning to struggle after a few days.
X-rays found fluid on Ellis’ lungs and an Echo revealed a large ventricular septal defect (VSD) in the wall separating the two lower chambers of his heart.A specialist cardiac consultant explained to Ellis’ parents that he would need to undergo surgery.
Little Ellis lights up the room with his fantastic smile following heart surgery.
Speaking about Ellis’ diagnosis, Stephanie said: “Having kids is amazing, life changing, and rarely what you’re prepared for, but nothing could prepare us for these last few months.” Having been born premature, Ellis was too small for the operation, so he went home and returned to hospital three months later for his life changing surgery. He spent six days in Southampton General Hospital and has since made a good recovery following the operation. He still needs regular check-ups, but is now enjoying life as he should be.
Proud mum, Stephanie, said: “He is a happy healthy heart warrior and we will be eternally thankful to everyone at the BHF for their research, and to the hospital team for their outstanding care – thank you for making our baby boy’s heart whole.”

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