Hopefully You’ll Never Stuck In This Bind, But If You Are, This Is How To Escape Zip Ties.!

If you’re ever in an unfortunate situation where you’re being held captive, it’s good to be prepared with a few methods of escape. Easily obtainable, plastic zip ties are among the restraints of choice for burglars, kidnappers, and other criminals.

Hacker extraordinaire Crazy Russian Hacker is here to teach us how to escape zip ties using one thing: shoe laces. In the video below, he shows how to snap the plastic when your hands are tightly bound in front of you. His technique involves wearing his shoes on his feet, but the concept is still the same, which is friction.

How does he do it? Both shoes should be untied. With hands bound in front of him, he places the tip of one lace on the back part of his shoe. Next, he slips the string through the zip ties on his wrists. Taking a lace from the other shoe, he ties a tight knot with both laces. Once that’s done, the feet are pedaled as if riding a bike until the zip ties snap.

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