Watch: Pedestrians walk over car’s bonnet to teach the driver a lesson (Video)

Watch: Pedestrians walk over car’s bonnet to teach the driver a lesson (Video)

pedestrians walk over car bonnet, pedestrians walking over car, people walk over car, driver parks over zebra crossing, Viral video, traffic rules, Indian express, Indian express newsIn the video, a pedestrian decided to walk over a car’s bonnet, which had overshot a Zebra crossing, to teach the driver a lesson. Seeing him, others followed, making the driver realise his mistake.
Traffic rules are meant to be followed, however, many tend to ignore these rules even when they are aware of them. And when it comes to jumping traffic signals or not adhering to stop signs, it can be a matter of life and death – both for drivers and pedestrians. Though the more frequent ways of venting out frustration towards rule breakers are through shouting matches, a video that has recently surfaced shows pedestrians creatively teaching a driver who had stopped his car over the zebra crossing a lesson.
In the video, a car is seen stopping at a traffic signal on the zebra crossing instead of ahead of it, obstructing the way of pedestrians. Interestingly, instead of shouting at the driver or even avoiding the car as would be expected, one of the pedestrians ‘ignores’ the car and exercises his right to walk in on the ‘zebra crossing’ by getting onto the car bonnet and walking over it.
Following his example, others do the same. As this transpires, the car remains stationary but as soon as the people get off the bonnet, the driver reverses and stops where it was supposed to. Lesson rightly learnt!

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