Naked yoga to love your body

Naked yoga to love your body

A married couple presents the eastern system through untypical perspective.
To drop the false façade that you took for your own and merge with your true self is the principle of traditional yoga. For Joshi and Monica, founders of these seemingly non-standard classes, practicing yoga naked is the major step to reunite with your essence.
It is said that yoga can improve your sexual life. At this point some of you may think that the venture of the two British is nothing but an excuse for unbridled sexuality. Well, you’ll be disappointed cause the aim of the instructors is totally different: ‘Sexuality is important but we in naked yoga classes are pretty far from that idea. The purpose of practicing yoga naked is to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, feel free and drop all negative emotions associated with your body. Thus, you will be capable of deeper connection with yourself and the surrounding world.”
Public nudity may seem intimidating, even horrifying but in fact it is the only way to achieve unheard personal liberation from the restrictions and masks piled up year after year.
On the instructors’website you can find a schedule of their workshops over the world. You can choose to visit a class only with representatives of your own sex or to be part of a mixed group. Photos in the studio are prohibited and the access of outsiders is not allowed.
Although it looks like a postmodern phenomenon, naked yoga actually dates back to the 60s of the 20th century. At that time it was a part of the hippie culture in the U.S. and was often associated with the pursuit of primary, natural communication between people. In Joshi and Monica’s classes, however, there’s a strict adherence to sexual distance between participants. The instructor touches the students only to correct their movements. Sexual contact is not tolerated and provocateurs are excluded from the classes.


Special emphasis is put on the femininity. Naked Yoga for women is dedicated to guide women on their personal journey to empowerment. The most empowering resource for women is the fact of being a woman! Women are often underrated, but they can always use that to our advantage. Being a woman means manifesting happiness through connection, feeling, intuition, openness in heart and body. As a group of women practicing Naked Yoga together, the dedicatedpurpose is to unfold the woman you want to be regardless of anyone else’s expectations or societal standards.


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