3 Simple And Fun Tricks You Can Do With A Fidget Spinner

3 Simple And Fun Tricks You Can Do With A Fidget Spinner

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You may have recently noticed both kids and adults holding onto this little gadget that spins really fast. Well, those are called fidget spinners and they’ve become pretty popular. They were designed to help children who have difficulty focusing in class. But it’s definitely become the newest toy to have on the playground.

If you haven’t heard about this new craze, here’s a quick primer. The toys are three-pronged, palm-sized pieces of plastic or metal which spin around a central weighted disc. It’s essentially a modern take on the old-school spinning top. They vary in price depending on the versions. There’s both the regular and then the deluxe version.

But people have started getting pretty fancy with this simple toy. It’s becoming more than just a solution for children with a low attention span. Adults have even started getting these fidgets for themselves and a lot of people are posting various tricks that you can do with these small toys.

The tricks are really simple to do and can be really entertaining to try at home. If you find yourself bored with nothing to do, trying out a couple of these tricks would keep you entertained at least for a few hours. If widgets aren’t your thing, watching the tricks being done is just as entertaining.

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