10 Natural DIY Facial Hair Removal Techniques Instead Of Shaving Or Plucking

10 Natural DIY Facial Hair Removal Techniques Instead Of Shaving Or Plucking

Barley Scrub

Facial hair is every woman’s hairy little secret and the older we get and the more our body chemistry fluctuates and changes, the darker, thicker, and more populous the hairs become. So why is figuring out a way to get rid of that hair so difficult and often so painful? Rather than deal with painful plucking, waxing and shaving and suffer greatly in the process, try these ten natural techniques that will not only get rid of any unwanted facial hair, but also leave the skin fresh, glowing and smelling wonderful!

1. Oatmeal paste, honey and lemon Juice

Oatmeal Paste + Honey + Lemon Juice

Source: WikiHow

Mix everything together into a paste two to three times a week, rub into the hairy spots and let it sit there for 15 minutes. After a month, the hair should be gone for good.

2. Green gram flour and rose water

It is difficult to find hair-removers that won’t irritate sensitive or acne-prone skin. A paste of green gram flour and rose water will exfoliate your skin and removes hair while also cleansing and soothing the face.

3. Sugar, water and lemon Juice

Sugar + Water + Lemon Juice

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This combination is for a hair-removal process called “sugaring”, which is similar to waxing but far less painful. Over time, it is supposed to make some hair follicles fall dormant, making it more effective, too!

4. Papaya and milk

If you’d prefer to simply lighten the hair rather than worry about removing it and then having to worry about regrowth, papaya can help! Its pulp acts as a natural bleach when you mix it with milk or turmeric. Mix ½ cup papaya pulp with either 1 tablespoon milk or ½ teaspoon turmeric once a week, massage into your face, let sit for 10 to 20 minutes, and rinse off.

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5. Egg, sugar and corn flour


Source: BABAMitsANNE

It’s well known that egg whites are good for the skin and for removing blackheads, but when combined with sugar and corn flour, eggs form a peel-off mask that takes hair right along with it!

6. Spearmint tea

Sometimes stray, annoying hairs can blossom into full-blown hirsutism, often caused by hormonal changes and/or excessive amounts of androgen. Twice-daily spearmint tea is a natural remedy for that issue with no scary side effects which is shown to help balance hormones and decrease hair growth.

7. Lavender and tea tree oil

Another way to naturally fight excess androgen and hirsutism are essential oils high in anti-androgenic activities, such as lavender oil and tea tree oil. Just mix 1 teaspoon of the lavender with 4 to 6 drops of the tea tree once to twice a day, dip a cotton ball in the mixture and dab onto the hairy areas, leaving it on for a few hours.

8. Barley scrub

Barley Scrub

Source: hammett79 via Deposit Photos

One of the problems with shaving and waxing is the damage it does to our skin in the process. A barley scrub, on the other hand – made by mixing a tablespoon each of milk, lime juice and barley powder – will leave the skin soft and glowing instead.

9. Orange and lemon peel mask

Orange peels and lemon peels can both help clean our skin, and they smell great! A mask made from a teaspoon each of orange peel, lemon peel, oatmeal, almond meal, olive oil and rose water will bleach facial hair as well as remove it, leave you feeling citrusy-fresh.

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10. Milk, besan, turmeric and salt


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