Mom And Son Were Born Without Arms But What They Do Will Move You.!

This a story about hope, determination and appreciating what we are blessed with. Linda Bannon and her son Timmy were both born without arms. It was due to a rare hereditary condition called Holt-Oram syndrome. But they defeated all odds and learned to live normally despite their disability.

Although she was born without arms, Bannon said her parents never treated her any different from her four younger siblings who were not born with the disorder.

“I was always expected to do chores and participate with the family activities like all the other kids,” Bannon said. “I just had to adapt and learn how to use my feet how other people use their hands.”

When she was about 5 or 6 years old, Bannon was fitted for prosthetic arms at Shriner’s Hospitals for Children in Chicago, but she preferred not to use them. The mother-son duo use their feet for everything — to brush their teeth, comb their hair, draw a picture and more. Timmy even uses his feet to play video games.

Growing up, Timmy looked to his mother to show him how to improvise daily tasks by utilizing his lower limbs.
Now, Bannon said she’s willing to continue spreading the word of their journey, as long as it keeps inspiring others.

“I think it really shows the power of the human spirit,” she said. “A lot of people will see someone with such a severe physical condition and think, ‘How is it possible to do all the things they’ve done?’ It gives [people] hope that even though they have challenges, as long as they have a positive attitude about it, then they’ll be able to conquer the same challenges.”
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