Homeless Man Spends Two Days Trying To Reunite A Woman With Her Lost Handbag That Still Had £300.

Daisy Owen lost her handbag containing a £300 iPhone, her house keys and provisional driving licence while on a night out in Bolton. Homeless Paul Calderbank found the bag outside a pub and spent two full days walking the streets determined to give it back to 20-year-old Daisy.

Paul, who did not want the bag to fall into the wrong hands, chatted to everyone he could in the street to see if anyone could point him in her direction.

He attached a note to the bag so onlookers would not jump to the conclusion he had stolen it.

The note read: “Did not want to tell anyone in town because they would have tried to blag me saying it is one of there friends, can’t trust anyone in town and was worried in case anyone thought I was keeping it.

“I want to locate the true owner and personally hand all her belongings back to her, because I am an honest person now because to me it feels good to do the right thing.

The good Samaritan – who has been living on the streets for four years – was able to base an image from her provisional licence left in her bag. Daisy got the word from a friend who had heard a homeless man asking for Daisy Owen. She later went to Boston and found Paul who made sure she had checked that everything lost with the bag was there.

Daisy has repaid Paul’s kindness by setting up a Fundraising page to try and get him a permanent home, some winter clothes or some hot food. So far the page has already raised over £1,500.

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Daisy added: ‘I just really home that I can pay him back in the way of this fundraising.

‘At the moment he is staying in a hostel, but he can’t afford it any more so I either want to put the money towards a deposit on a flat or few months at the hostel.’


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