An Accident Caused Her Both Legs So Her Grandfather Found A Basketball And Cut It So She Could Fit Her Body Into.. Her Story Will Leave You In Tears.

Qian Hongyan is a double amputee known as the “basketball girl”. After an accident that nearly took her life and left her with a lifetime injuries, her grandfather improvised a way of making her little one move, so he found a basketball cut it so that she could move.

She spent many years of her childhood being dubbed the ‘Basketball Girl’ by locals as a result.

In 2005, Qian Hongyan’s incredible hardship caught the widespread attention of Chinese, and later, international media.

For China, where disability is almost never discussed, this became a talking point. It also became a turning point in the then ten-year-old girl’s life.

With the help and support of donations, she was given the chance to travel more than 1,600 miles to Beijing and be fitted with her first pair of legs.

Every step of her journey became a newsworthy story that not only revealed a little of Qian Hongyan’s life but also highlighted the plight of living with disability in China.
It seems that Qian has turned her eventful childhood into a life filled with inspiration and incredible strength. One that few in China could live to match. And one of determination.
Her story is full of struggle, determination and a tremendous willpower in life, can’t stop watching and praising her..Bless her.!

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