The second Uncle Impregnated 10-Years old in India and She didn’t even know about her pregnancy until it was too Late to Abort

The second uncle of the 10-years-old is arrested under the allegation of allergy raping the child in India.

When the case was filed, police arrested a suspect (the brother of the guilty) who turned out to be unconnected genetically to the baby delivered by the 10 years old, the police reported.

However, after the final forensic report, police started to look for the other suspect who might match genetically with the DNA report and arrested him on Tuesday.

The other suspect is also in custody as he has charges for crime against him and his trial is underway in the special court of India. He has made no public statement though.

The 10-years-old is taking psychological sessions and it is when she mentioned the name of the second suspect.

A senior police officer of Chandigarh city, Malabari Vijay told the BBC Punjabi that, ‘the girl stated that her 38-years-old uncle had also abused her’. And that the police have already sought the permission to his DNA sample to testify.

The victim and her parents had no idea of her pregnancy until she complained of stomach ache and her parents took her to the hospital immediately.

Her parents filed the abortion plea that was rejected because she had gone too far in her pregnancy to be terminated. Doctors declared the case too risky on the basis of which the courts also declined the request of abortion

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