4-Foot Woman With Rare Bone Growth Disorder Defies The Odds By Becoming A Dancer.

To be called a freak or an alien is a horrible thing, and that was what this Brooklyn woman says she has often been called. She suffers from a bone-growth disorder that caused her skeleton to grow in a c-shape. Tiffany Geigel, 32, from New York, suffers from Jarcho-Levin syndrome (JLS), which has caused her spine to form into a curve, making her shorter than average.

Doctors advised her parents that she would die, and that they ought to spend more time with her. But now, she has been declared one of the healthiest people with the condition, and is a professional dancer. Geigel, who had been trained in ballet and also learned tap, Bollywood, contemporary, and modern dance, believed that dancing from a young age has helped her.

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