Pit Bull That Spent 5 Years in Shelter Finally Gets Adopted Thanks to Facebook Plea

Some shelters put dogs to sleep because they think that after a certain length of time, if no one has adopted the dog, no one will. This story just helps to prove that wrong. Chester, the pit bull, waited almost five years in a shelter before he just found his forever family, thanks to some internet help. Spending most of his life in a shelter hadn’t made Chester into a anxious or shy dog.

In fact, it surprised the workers that he wasn’t adopted due to his sweet disposition. Thankfully, the people at North Fork Animal Welfare League, in Long Island, New York, had a little patience, and a little creativity. One day, a worker posed Chester with a poster that said he had been there for fiver years, and asking why no one would return the love he wanted to give.

Take a look at these images

Well it worked, and Chester found his forever home, thanks to some internet shares! Thank you EVERYONE! Share away, people!

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