Australian Woman had Sex with a Dog terrier Three times Learns her Fate

A 27 years old woman has been sentenced to prison under probation after having three cases of bestiality against her.

Jenna Driscoll has had three violent-behaviour cases filed against her. You name it as drug trafficking, murder attempt and an intended sexual intercourse with a pit bull.

However, she went free from charges of drug trafficking conviction from the Brisbane court, Australia just a couple of days ago, as Daily Mail reported.

Furthermore, to the shock of everyone Driscoll had sex with a dog three times with the help of his boyfriend from January to April 2014. This act was not under police consideration until they checked her phone for drug trafficking investigation and unluckily found another bestiality case.

Dzenita Balic, the crown prosecutor mentioned to the media that she intentionally performed the sexual activity with the dog. Her boyfriend even asked her for the pictures of the activity and she saved them in her phone.

Driscoll was sent for the psychological assessment later and Balic mentioned a remorse statement from the session saying that:

“This has ruined my life, I very much regret what I have done”.

She didn’t deny the convicted charges of stabbing someone with fork, drugs trafficking and biting a child and admitted them peacefully.
James Godbolt, the defence attorney, has mentioned that the media coverage of her story has quite ruined her social life. Her university has already asked her to change her status due to these allegations.

However, the judge Terry Martin has decided to leave Driscoll on probation because her psychological assessment report made him think that the prison time could expose her to other corrupting influences. He has ordered her to undergo proper psychological treatment during probation.


An important thing to notice here is that Discroll has been the victim of physical and emotional abuse in childhood and Martin labelled her behaviour as repulsive and against the order of nature.

He further added while placing her in probation that, “Your conduct is the bestiality offences was repugnant”, and that, “You were clearly a willing participant in acts of sexual intercourse with the dog “, Daily Mail reported.


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